Fabrik Podast 012 | Vito Lucente

Fabrik Podcast Series #012 Vito Lucente

Toronto native Vito Lucente formulates his distinct sound by blending the mechanical with spiritual, culminating a meditative state spawning from a deeper subconscious intimacy . Pulsating rhythms, deep hovering soundscapes and a discreet layer of emotion with prototypal Detroit attributes constitutes the cathartic feel behind his productions and mixed sets. The gravitation towards experimentation of sounds creates an atmosphere of penetrating energy.

In April 2015, spawned from the depths of a long time vision “Riots In Brixton” podcast series came to light where delicately chosen guests are invited. Spending countless hours researching new artists and exposing new music, Vito uses his intuition and life long experience in the industry to plunge into the depths and find even the most remote musical compositions and artists, ignoring all tendencies to follow what the masses dictate. Conceptualizing his work by complimenting it with visual stimulation and theory, Vito ultimately manifests a broader spectrum of the art, taking it beyond the realm of techno music, but rather capturing the essence of an transcendental form of artistic expression.