Fabrik Podcast 005 | Emir Hazir

Fabrik Exclusive Podcast Serie 005 | Emir Hazir

Though Turkey may seem like an unlikely place for Techno,
following in the tradition of fellow countrymen Butch;
it is the home of a true hidden gem in Emir Hazir.
Starting his career in music as a DJ at a popular turkish radio station,
he discovered the world of production through a chance encounter with some analog gear
at a friend’s house in 2004.
He immediately fell in love and the rest is history.

Emir eventually moved onto software and spent the following years teaching himself
how to produce by studying manuals, tutorials, and music as he gradually
learned and refined his sound.

His diligence paid off and Emir finally released his first EP, the formidable ìCome Closer EPî on Feierkind Records in 2011. Since then Emir Hazir hasn’t looked back,
leaving a long trail of releases on Black Brook Ltd, Login Records,
Hit Musik, Terminus Audio and many more.