Fabrik Podcast 007 | Scøpe

Fabrik Exclusive Podcast Series 007 Scøpe

Scøpe is a Techno producer and DJ from South Korea, During his study in Contemporary music education, influenced by atonal, experimental and spectral music and naturally captivated his heart lead to Underground Techno music.
At the end of the 2014, Scøpe is founded by Soolee, the head of More than Less Records, a representative Techno musician in South Korea. Since then, Scøpe showed his music through his techno liveset and started his DJ-career at Club Vurt in Seoul.
Scøpe released his debut EP album ‘Lost’ in ‘Quiet Strength Records’. Featured ‘Rezeal – Artificial Consciousness(Scøpe Remix)’ which released in ‘More than Less’ is well supported by 2000 and one, Advanced Human, Ryuji Takeuchi, Drumcomplex and many others.
Also ‘Calculus EP’ from ‘More than Less’ is reviewed many magazines, radio shows. And it is well supported by DJ Pete, DJ Hyperactive, Marco Bailey, Deepbass and many more.