Fabrik Podcast 008 | Stacie Flür

Fabrik Podcast Series #008 Stacie Flür

Stacie Flür is a charming girl DJ hailing from Ukrainian techno and house scenes and has been into versatile electronic genres for many years now. She really favours sound experiments which exceed the borders of the common ground and makes the music sound individual. Stacie loves to tease her auditorium with swelling dynamics of her DJ sets, have people going into shamanlike trance and occasionally returning them at breakbeat culmination points. Each performance of hers will light your way along the underground paths of electronica and guide you to the place where the young talent rules. Apart from DJing, there is more that Stacie Flür can offer and that makes her even more remarkable among other counterparts. This girl is also a skilled producer who is able to blend classical sound of dance music with its modern trends—and not without her own know-how! As a result, Stacie’s tracks are just great and seamless. They are crafted to be aesthetically pleasing to an ear, whatever exquisite taste a listener may have. That is to say, perfection is cardinal to Stacie; she is in limitless pursuit of polishing her style. Recently, Stacie Flür has finished her debut self-released album “After a Pause”. Today she is eager to present her next project for her dedicated fans, which is currently being worked on.