Fabrik Podcast 013 | Ida Mandato

Fabrik Podcast Series #013 Ida Mandato

Ida Mandato was born in a small town in Calabria in 1989. After high school, like many guys, she moved to the capital to continue their studies: here, finally away from the closed provincial mentality, and is able to express his artistic personality to bloom. Her sound refined and emotive is what characterizes every September Ranging from ambient sounds, dub techno, dark techno up to the sounds of industrial raw and violent, what we read between the lines is the telling of a story divided between two different worlds: the green landscapes of southern Italy is passed the industrial landscape of cities like Rome and Berlin, another city very dear to the artist. Music is the medium through which it is said: The console her safe haven, a place from which to protect themselves and at the same time be known by the rest of the world. Dj appreciated in the capital and followed internationally, to date he has played alongside the likes of UVB, Bas Mooy, Deepbass, Subjected, Eomac, Stanislav Tolkachev, Ayarcana , VSK, Black Asteroid and many others, always managing to make their mark.