Fabrik Podcast 017 | Michel Lauriola

Fabrik Podcast Series #017 Michel Lauriola

Venezuelan DJ and producer Michel Lauriola based in Buenos Aires,
the city’s underground scene has witnessed Lauriola’s growth resulting
in a very rhythmic and deep techno artist.
Michel has become a renowned DJ and talented producer who has
been charted and played by: Chris Liebing, Rødhåd, Joachim Spieth,
Tensal, Rebekah, Marika Rossa, Alex Bau, Sam Paganini, Audio Injection,
D.A.V.E T he Drummer, A. Paul, Spiros Kaloumenos.
Michel also edit in labels like: 43Recordings(GER), Animal Farm (UK),
Quant (UK), Aekt Recordings (IT), Newrhythmic records (ES),
Counter Pulse (SE), Darknet (AU), Credo (GER), Naked Lunch (PT),
Onh.Cet (PT), TMM Records (KS), Dead Cert. Records (UK).
He is also known by playing in renamed venues like Crobar, Under
Club and Cocoliche. He also played at Love Parade Venezuela on year 2008.