Fabrik Podcast 018 | Corvum

Fabrik Exclusive Podcast Series #018 Corvum

Greek born musician, composer, producer, DJ, sound designer.
The first contact with music was at the age of 5 when started playing classical piano and was introduced to the classical culture, philosophy and sound. Practically lived in a conservatory until had finished all classical music studies. After that, has left Greece and went to the University of Graz in Austria (Universitat für Musik und kuns Darstellende) and then to Bologna’s University in Italy ([D.A.M.S (Dicipline delle Arti,della Musica e dello Spettacolo)] to expand his knowledge in music.
It was when he heard, for the first time, music by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis Papathanasiou that changed his perspective on music. Suddenly, the electronic element intruded his mind, boosted the passion for creation and changed the way that wanted to create and listen to music for ever!
The piano gave its place to synthesizers and started playing and producing more “electronically”.
He began listening to artists/groups and music in general, based on synths, electro and synthpop. In the late 80’s was involved with House and Techno music, EBM, IDM and other various sub-genres of electronic music.
It was in the early 90’s when created Corvum and since then he embarked on a musical journey of experimentation.
Computers were the new tool added to his arsenal and along the studies he was involved with digital software and hardware music production and Djing.
As Corvum first era created 4 unreleased hypnotic industrial downtempo minimal LPs.
The passion for innovation and the everlasting attraction to electronic music, clubbing culture and Djing, led things happen and started professionally producing Corvum’s new era that made him invade the music industry and discography!

Fabrik Podcast 017 | Michel Lauriola

Fabrik Podcast Series #017 Michel Lauriola

Venezuelan DJ and producer Michel Lauriola based in Buenos Aires,
the city’s underground scene has witnessed Lauriola’s growth resulting
in a very rhythmic and deep techno artist.
Michel has become a renowned DJ and talented producer who has
been charted and played by: Chris Liebing, Rødhåd, Joachim Spieth,
Tensal, Rebekah, Marika Rossa, Alex Bau, Sam Paganini, Audio Injection,
D.A.V.E T he Drummer, A. Paul, Spiros Kaloumenos.
Michel also edit in labels like: 43Recordings(GER), Animal Farm (UK),
Quant (UK), Aekt Recordings (IT), Newrhythmic records (ES),
Counter Pulse (SE), Darknet (AU), Credo (GER), Naked Lunch (PT),
Onh.Cet (PT), TMM Records (KS), Dead Cert. Records (UK).
He is also known by playing in renamed venues like Crobar, Under
Club and Cocoliche. He also played at Love Parade Venezuela on year 2008.

Fabrik Podcast 016 | Antonio De Angelis

Fabrik Podcast Series #016 Antonio De Angelis

Antonio De Angelis dj, producer and remixer in constant evolution, is always looking for new targets and more challenges, experimenting uncommon paths and inventing innovative languages.
Eclectic, creative, curious and involving, has a unique style which transmits passion and adrenaline, dreams and emotions.
His sets are marked by the art of sound manipulation and style pollution, challenging standards and prejudices, playing wisely with technology and everything that enables him to change and produce music reworks.
Antonio doesn’t aim to classify his sound within precise boundaries, but it’s quite easy to perceive strong house roots with contemporary techno and deep inflections.

Antonio De Angelis was born in the south of Italy in 1980, in 2000 he moved to London and he has became one of the few italian artists emerging in the elctro music in the UK…
He started his career with the name of Toni D and he has steadly worked with many international artists and labels, and he has been influenced by Tony Humpries, Frankie Knuckles, Kenny Carpter, etc…
In Summer 1999 Antonio moved to Ibiza where his passion for music got stronger, and in November 2000 he moved difinately to London where with his huge and genuine passion for music he managed to dj in the best parties in London, at fabric, onemore, tbar, halfbaked, minimal hospital, zum, etc…….Like this he became dj resident at Kubicle, one of the best after party in the capital.
Thanks to this he started to get known as a dj and producer by artists like Loco Dice, Mandy, Marco Carola, Villalobos and many more.
At the same time he met Luciano Esse and started a production colalboration with him and with many releases in many labels such as material series, safari electronique, Trapez, etc..
Working with Kubicle he refined his style and technique by also playing in many parties around the world, such as Ibiza, Miami, Berlin, etc…
After some releases with the label Safari, he met Arnaul de Texier, they became friends and started a collaboration…
Afetr 3 years, in collaboration with the Minimal Hospital group he decided to launch his first party zum, in east London.
In 2010 he produced with labels such as off recording, tenax, climatic sound and he made his first debut in Steve Lawler’s vivva music label with 4 tracks. In his last appearance in Safari he was assisted by Arnauld le Texiex with ep down is the new up but thanks to his talent this will be produced by safari with a new ep called relative sze of planet, which shows Antonio’s dark techno’s side.

Besides the production, in 2010 Antonio became dj resident of a new project…One More….Today One More is one of the best underground parties in London, it is a new platform for djs as Troy Pierce, Timo Mass, Steve Lawler and for new talents as Outart, Kiki, Christian Burkhardt and many more….At OneMore Toni his careful direction of the sound, using his deep understanding of the dancefloor to program the right DJs at the right time.
Thanks to this project Antonio is standing outhis real sound and his new musical ideas.
His last production was ep evrynight is change in Fumakilla but there will be more coming… Today Antonio has became a staple of London scene and electronic sound.

Fabrik Podcast 014 | H. Paul

Fabrik Podcast Series #014 H . Paul

H. Paul he began his investiture in the world of music influenced from an early age.
With only eight years, began to take its first pass wet to music, the guitar was
the first instrument to pass through their hands.

In early 2006 the music became part of his life was when he decided to change
guitar for dishes and other musical style, capturing his virtues and musical influences.

His musical influences come from artists such as Aphex Twin, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, The Prodigy, Jeff Mills, among many others.

In his 10-year career today, you have experienced a wide variety of musical styles, becoming a very versatile dj, very technical and dynamic in his sets, with dark and forceful within the techno trends.

His performances have toured much of the peninsula.
Badajoz, Caceres, Madrid, Valladolid, Samalanca, Toledo, Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Seville, among many others.

In 2012, he became interested in the field of music production, forming and into this new facet and combining the work of DJ and producer.

The idea and its creations consist of a system based industrial and dark shades style, always trying to find a pure, clean style, innovate and evolve their sound day.

Already in 2015, have seen their quality samples in emerging seals, always with much support from recognized artists in the electronic music scene.

With more than 100 tracks edited in digital format and vinyl, is known in the world of production, editing, remixing and remixed by great artists.

The day July 31, 2015 came his first ” LP ” as an artist ” Signs and dates’ on your own label (Induxtrial Records)
Their tracks can be found in charts and track listing for Deep Space Helsinki, Ben Sims, Perc, Sleeparchive, Richie Hawtin, Perc among many others.

It is known label manager Induxtriall Records, which takes place since 2011, with more than 30 references in digital format, in which we can find artists of great national and international prestige.