Fabrik Podcast 018 | Corvum

Fabrik Exclusive Podcast Series #018 Corvum

Greek born musician, composer, producer, DJ, sound designer.
The first contact with music was at the age of 5 when started playing classical piano and was introduced to the classical culture, philosophy and sound. Practically lived in a conservatory until had finished all classical music studies. After that, has left Greece and went to the University of Graz in Austria (Universitat für Musik und kuns Darstellende) and then to Bologna’s University in Italy ([D.A.M.S (Dicipline delle Arti,della Musica e dello Spettacolo)] to expand his knowledge in music.
It was when he heard, for the first time, music by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis Papathanasiou that changed his perspective on music. Suddenly, the electronic element intruded his mind, boosted the passion for creation and changed the way that wanted to create and listen to music for ever!
The piano gave its place to synthesizers and started playing and producing more “electronically”.
He began listening to artists/groups and music in general, based on synths, electro and synthpop. In the late 80’s was involved with House and Techno music, EBM, IDM and other various sub-genres of electronic music.
It was in the early 90’s when created Corvum and since then he embarked on a musical journey of experimentation.
Computers were the new tool added to his arsenal and along the studies he was involved with digital software and hardware music production and Djing.
As Corvum first era created 4 unreleased hypnotic industrial downtempo minimal LPs.
The passion for innovation and the everlasting attraction to electronic music, clubbing culture and Djing, led things happen and started professionally producing Corvum’s new era that made him invade the music industry and discography!

Fabrik Podast 012 | Vito Lucente

Fabrik Podcast Series #012 Vito Lucente

Toronto native Vito Lucente formulates his distinct sound by blending the mechanical with spiritual, culminating a meditative state spawning from a deeper subconscious intimacy . Pulsating rhythms, deep hovering soundscapes and a discreet layer of emotion with prototypal Detroit attributes constitutes the cathartic feel behind his productions and mixed sets. The gravitation towards experimentation of sounds creates an atmosphere of penetrating energy.

In April 2015, spawned from the depths of a long time vision “Riots In Brixton” podcast series came to light where delicately chosen guests are invited. Spending countless hours researching new artists and exposing new music, Vito uses his intuition and life long experience in the industry to plunge into the depths and find even the most remote musical compositions and artists, ignoring all tendencies to follow what the masses dictate. Conceptualizing his work by complimenting it with visual stimulation and theory, Vito ultimately manifests a broader spectrum of the art, taking it beyond the realm of techno music, but rather capturing the essence of an transcendental form of artistic expression.

Fabrik Podcast 008 | Stacie Flür

Fabrik Podcast Series #008 Stacie Flür

Stacie Flür is a charming girl DJ hailing from Ukrainian techno and house scenes and has been into versatile electronic genres for many years now. She really favours sound experiments which exceed the borders of the common ground and makes the music sound individual. Stacie loves to tease her auditorium with swelling dynamics of her DJ sets, have people going into shamanlike trance and occasionally returning them at breakbeat culmination points. Each performance of hers will light your way along the underground paths of electronica and guide you to the place where the young talent rules. Apart from DJing, there is more that Stacie Flür can offer and that makes her even more remarkable among other counterparts. This girl is also a skilled producer who is able to blend classical sound of dance music with its modern trends—and not without her own know-how! As a result, Stacie’s tracks are just great and seamless. They are crafted to be aesthetically pleasing to an ear, whatever exquisite taste a listener may have. That is to say, perfection is cardinal to Stacie; she is in limitless pursuit of polishing her style. Recently, Stacie Flür has finished her debut self-released album “After a Pause”. Today she is eager to present her next project for her dedicated fans, which is currently being worked on.